Skiing Adventures Near Allegany Mountain Resort: Downhill and Cross-Country

Holiday Valley Resort Skiing

If downhill skiing or snowboarding is your passion, nearby skiing adventures are just 15 minutes from Allegany Mountain Resort. Eastern North America’s number one winter sports destination, Ellicottville, New York is home to both Holiday Valley Resort & Holimont ski resorts. With 290 ski-able acres and a vertical rise of 750ft, Holiday Valley Resort offers true downhill skiing that challenges even expert skiers. They’re 13 lifts and 60 trails makes family skiing trips perfect for every level of experience. Holimont offers 38 slopes and 4 terrain parks so snowboarders and skiers can enjoy everything from expert to beginner terrain. Cross country skiing trails in Western New York are some of the best in North America. Two of the most popular trails are the Holimont Winter Loop which includes a 419ft ascent throughout its two-mile length and the 1.9-mile KC Trail that is relatively flat and winds through deep forest. Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski Trails at Allegany State Park: This area of Allegany State Park in Western New York is renowned for its beautiful and challenging cross-country skiing trails. With over 35 miles of groomed trails, skiers of all skill levels can enjoy a variety of terrain, from beginner-friendly loops to more advanced trails that offer a true test of skill. The park’s Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski Trails are particularly popular, with well-maintained paths that wind through the stunning winter landscape.

For those seeking a thrilling downhill experience, Ellicottville, New York is just a short drive away and offers two fantastic ski resorts. Holiday Valley Resort boasts 290 ski-able acres and a vertical rise of 750ft, making it a prime destination for experienced skiers looking for a challenge. With 13 lifts and 60 trails, there’s something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros. Holimont, another Ellicottville gem, offers 38 slopes and 3 terrain parks, ensuring that snowboarders and skiers alike can find the perfect terrain for their skill level. From expert-level runs to beginner-friendly slopes, Holimont has it all. In conclusion, if you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, the Allegany Mountain Resort area has plenty to offer. With nearby skiing adventures in Ellicottville and an abundance of cross-country skiing trails at Allegany State Park, there’s no shortage of opportunities to hit the slopes and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of winter in New York.

Some more about skiing and snow boarding. Snowboarders require two kinds of terrains to fully enjoy the downhill experience so lots of trails, of course, but terrain parks as well, which include various rails and jumps designed for snowboarders. But not everybody is an expert or even intermediate snowboarder so it’s important that terrain parks include all levels of boarders including beginners. So let’s start with nearby Holiday Valley, known for nearby skiing adventures, yet has excellent snowboarding terrain as well. Holiday Valley has 5 terrain parks. Starting at the beginners level is Riglet Park at Penguin Hill , consisting of introductory level features. Mardi Gras Rail Park, a beginner-intermediate level terrain park starts to get more difficult, then jumps from intermediate to expert at Fiddler’s Elbow, Foxfire and a Boardercross Course. With 60 trails as well, free boarders will have hours of terrain to explore ranging from beginner to expert. Holimont, another resort that offer nearby skiing adventures, has four terrain parks for snowboarders and 56 trails for free boarders as well. All 52 trails can receive 100% snowmaking and are beautifully groomed every night for perfect corduroy runs. Helmets are required at all Holimont terrain parks with no exceptions. Skiers as well require varying terrain and many enjoy the snowboard terrain parks where many features cross over from snowboarding to skiing, so both these nearby skiing attractions, to Allegany Mountain Resort, offer the most comprehensive skiing and snowboarding experience east of the Rockies. If you and/or your family enjoys winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, the adjacency to the resort is a spectacular benefit for you true enthusiasts!

Now what if all of the above sounds good but neither you nor your family skis or snowboards? The exceptional quality of the surrounding Allegany Mountains makes the allure of these sports perfect for the the entry level skier or snowboarder. By “exceptional” we mean the height of this mountain range is unique in all of the northeast, so there is perfect beginner level terrain, and plenty of it. But as you progress to intermediate and maybe even expert level, there is plenty of acreage for that as well. Again, nothing east of the Rocky Mountains offers such a wide range of skiing and snowboarding terrain.

Here is a secret that most folks new to the sport of skiing or snowboarding don’t often know: going from beginner to intermediate ability takes a relatively short period of time! That’s right you can be skiing turns or boarding from the top within a day or two, no kidding. But it is contingent on taking lessons when starting out. And the best part about that is that both nearby skiing adventure resorts offer package deals that includes rentals, full day lift ticket and group lessons at a very good price. First we’ll quote from Holiday Valley website regarding lessons: “Always take a beginner lesson whether you are skiing or snowboarding. Do yourself a favor and let our instructors introduce you to the sport. They make learning to ski or snowboard fun from the start! Even if your (pick one) boyfriend, girlfriend, uncle, cousin, mother-in-law is an awesome skier or rider, they probably don’t know all of the little tips and tricks of teaching someone the sport. You have a much better chance of enjoying skiing or snowboarding if you take a lesson with a pro.” Holimont ‘s website reinforces the little known secret above, that progressing from beginner to intermediate is a fast progression: “From first-time skiers to competitive racing, the snow sports school at HoliMont is one of the best. Have one of our awesome instructors spend the day skiing with your kids and see how fast they progress.” 

Downhill Skiing Near Allegany

  • Holiday Valley Resort: Just a short drive from the resort, Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY, is a haven for downhill skiing. With 290 skiable acres, a vertical rise of 750ft, 13 lifts, and 60 trails, it caters to all levels of expertise.

  • Peek’n Peak Resort: About 50 miles away in Clymer, NY, this family-friendly destination offers both downhill skiing and snowboarding options for all ages.

  • Kissing Bridge: Located approximately 35 miles from Allegany Mountain Resort in Glenwood, NY, Kissing Bridge welcomes skiers of all levels with its diverse trails.

  • Bristol Mountain Ski Resort: Known for its night skiing and high-speed lifts, Bristol Mountain boasts 39 trails and six lifts, catering to skiers looking for a variety of inclines.

  • Swain Resort: Situated in Swain, NY, this resort is perfect for those interested in skiing and snowboarding, offering trails suitable for different skill levels.

Cross-Country Skiing Trails

  • Art Roscoe Cross Country Ski Trails at Allegany State Park: Offering over 18 miles of groomed trails for cross-country skiing and skating, plus over 25 miles of backcountry trails, it’s ideal for all skill levels.

  • Holiday Valley: Besides downhill, Holiday Valley provides cross-country skiing opportunities through mountainous and backcountry trails.

  • Allegany State Park: With over 35 miles of trails, including 18 miles groomed, this park is a cross-country skier’s dream.

  • Laurel Mill Cross-Country Ski Trail: Located in the Allegheny National Forest, this trail offers groomed paths suitable for various skill levels.

  • Rimrock Overlook Access Road: Also in the Allegheny National Forest, this area provides groomed cross-country skiing in a natural, forested environment.

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