Allegany Mountain Resort is more than just the membership cost

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Are you a “Camper?” If you already own an RV then you know what a Camper is! Campers are people who love the outdoors so much so, that they want to be in it as often as possible, but still want the comforts of home. And Campers, by their very nature, camp a lot. Campers also like to plan their adventures ahead of time to savor the anticipation, but sometimes Campers just need to go camping, and on a moments notice. In short Campers want to camp as often as possible, whenever possible. Sound like you? Read on. Campers also want a wide diversity of outdoor activities that they can enjoy while also enjoying the great outdoors. The allure of nature and the unique appeal of RV camping provide an unparalleled opportunity to escape the daily routine and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the wilderness. 

Allegany Mountain Resort stands as a premier destination for those seeking adventure and peace in nature’s lap. 70 acre Rainbow Lake is the crown jewel of Western New York camping resorts and offers stunning sunsets, tranquil nature hikes and has been enjoyed by generations of campers.  It’s not merely a campground but a comprehensive experience for camping enthusiasts to delve into nature, unwind, and forge memorable experiences.

Understanding Membership Cost

Campers camp a lot, we get it! That’s why comparing nightly camping fees versus membership camping is an important subject. The lower the nightly camping costs the more you can camp. Our membership cost, for a typical Camper, as described above, means this: more camping! Allegany Mountain Resort offers a membership model focused on affordability and exceptional value, ensuring that the beauty of the great outdoors is accessible to all who seek it. Here’s an in-depth look at the cost of membership and the extensive value it brings to our members:

Affordability and Value

Because Campers camp a lot, the membership cost, when amortized over the lifetime of the membership, is far lower than the nightly fees one pays for comparable number of nights of camping at public campgrounds. Far lower. Along with being a greater value, membership cost unlocks a plethora of experiences, from serene lake activities and extensive hiking trails to engaging family events. This wide array of amenities and activities is covered by the membership cost, offering a lifestyle of exploration and enjoyment within a vibrant community setting.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Campers love amenities and Allegany Mountain Resort has the best and the most, starting with the incomparable 70 acre Rainbow Lake, but beyond the physical amenities, membership at Allegany Mountain Resort includes exclusive benefits such as special rates, members-only events, and various discounts, enhancing the value of a Camper’s membership far beyond the basics.

Membership Cost: An Investment in Lifestyle

Campers considering the membership cost as an investment opens up a perspective on the lifestyle it offers—a Camper’s lifestyle is filled with adventure, relaxation, and belonging. Campers get other Campers, and a community of like minded Campers enhances the overall camping experience. The membership cost includes that very important aspect of camping: the camping community. At Allegany Mountain Resort our camping community is the best in all of Western New York. Campers like you know the value of a great and genuine camping community. The value cannot be understated and is a real enhancement to you membership cost when considering membership camping.

Flexible Membership Plans

Allegany Mountain Resort’s flexible membership plans are tailored to fit diverse needs and budgets, ensuring that the resort’s offerings are accessible to as many outdoor enthusiasts as possible. So whether your a tent camper, or cabin camper or RV camper we have a membership cost and membership plan that will ensure your ability to camp and camp often.

The Long-Term Benefits

Membership is more than access to facilities; it’s an investment in creating lasting memories and building traditions that members cherish year after year. Many of our campers have raised not only their own children here, but their grandchildren as well. The generational ties and memories are an invaluable gift to those you love.

Clarifying Misconceptions: Not a Timeshare

Campers don’t timeshare! Campers camp. And unlike a timeshare, our campers can do just that: camp throughout our entire season which runs from May 1st thru October 15th. That’s a lot of camping, and you can’t do that with a timeshare. So it’s important to clarify that Allegany Mountain Resort is not a timeshare. Unlike timeshare models, where ownership or access is divided among multiple parties with scheduled times, membership at Allegany Mountain Resort offers more flexibility and freedom:
  • No Scheduled Times: Campers enjoy the freedom to visit and stay at the resort anytime during the open season without the restrictions typical of a timeshare.
  • Full Access: A Camper’s membership grants unlimited access to all the resort’s amenities and activities without additional booking fees or the need to schedule months in advance.
  • Community Focus: The essence of membership camping is rooted in being part of a Camping community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the outdoors, rather than in the fractional ownership of property.

Our members experience all the benefits of a Camper’s vacation destination with the added value of a camping community and the freedom to enjoy the resort as their schedule allows.

Your Gateway to Adventure Awaits

For true Campers, nothing in all of Western New York compares to the unmatched beauty and array of amenities that we offer. Allegany Mountain Resort Membership embodies unparalleled value, offering an affordable gateway to a lifestyle rich in adventures, relaxation, and community, a true Camper’s community. It’s an invitation to explore the great outdoors, with the freedom and flexibility that a traditional timeshare simply cannot match. As you consider taking the first step toward countless memories and adventures, remember that Allegany Mountain Resort is more than a destination—it’s a community waiting to welcome you.

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